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Patented 2005 US# 6,881,253 B2

The one and only true stencil spay, made from all the
best stuff in the business. Now modified not only for
superior effectiveness but to bring you a full sterile
application(no cross-contamination).

All you do is spray, the cleaned surface, and rub the
solution evenly on the skin,let it dry just a bit, And
then apply your stencil. By the time you set your
machines up there is no loosing that stencil. It
beats the traditional Speed Stick and no annoying
smell like Dettol, and you guessed it once again it
works better to.

So "forget the rest, stick to the best," Stick IT
STENCIL SPRAY. Thank you for your time and Business.


Stick-It is available for sale at Pulse International